Psychodrama Training Programme

PSYCHODRAMA: A group psychotherapy method in which individuals use acting in order to discover their own life stories and help other group members by portraying important people in each other's enactment
This role reversal technique enables one to gain insight, change perceptions and prepares the individual for a more creative future full of spontaneity.

THE PURPOSE OF GROUP TRAINING: The training programme offers experience in psychodrama, an opportunity for personal growth and technical training for psychodramatic techniques in order to train psychodrama group therapists.

Our ongoing psychodrama training forms new groupsall the time. So come and join our "Introduction Course" and get to know psychodrama


Introductory Level: 2-3 Months

Introduction Seminar, Practice, Evaluation
Requirements: An undergrauate degree in Psychology, Psychological Counselling, Psychiatry.

Basic Level - Level of Psychodrama Co-Therapist

350 hours Theory and Group Practice
60 hours Special Seminars
Directing groups and protocol writing (supervision)
Requirements: An undergrauate degree in Psychology, Psyciatry, Psychological Counselling, Successful completion of our 18-27 hour Introductory course is also a requirent.

Diploma - Co - therapist
(Duration: 3 years)

Advanced Level:

250 hours Theory, Group Practice and Supervision
60 hours : Special seminars related with trainee ‘s focused area and supervision applicants are supposed to finish the Basic Level.
Thesis writing process and Supervision 
Diploma - Therapist
(Duration - 2.5 years)


People from other disciplines (teachers, actors, sale managers, directors, managers, public relations and/or human resource professionals etc.) can experience this kind of special psychodrama training groups in order to use psychodrama techniques and dynamics in their professional areas

50 hour Theory and Practice
10 hour Special Seminars


Students of Psychology, an undergrauate degree in Pychological Counselling, Psychological Services in Education, Medicine and employees of Social Services departments can participate Psychodrama group practice.

20 hourS : Practice
10 hour: Special Seminars
Hours will count as part of training when continuing the Psychodrama Training Programme.